Agro and Forest Based Enterprise

Argo and Forest Based Enterprise

There are nine types of industries that produce goods from raw materials based on agriculture or forest products or industries related to agriculture or forest products.

(Relating to clause (c) of subsection (2) of section 15)

1. Fruit farming or fruit processing

2. Food processing

3. Animal husbandry, poultry (including ostriches), animal and poultry breeding and meat production and processing,

4. Dairy industry (including dairy products),

5. Fisheries, fish meal production, processing and packaging,

6. Silk farming and silk processing,

7. Tea plantations, tea processing,

8. Coffee cultivation, coffee processing,

9. Herbal cultivation, herbal processing,

10. Vegetable seed seed production,

11. Vegetable farming, vegetable processing,

12. Green house installation and operation,

13. Beekeeping (bee breeding, honey production and processing),

14. Floriculture, flower processing (including garland making, decorating, bunch making and seed production),

15. Nursery business,

16. Rubber farming, early processing and operation of rubber,

17. Cold storage, agricultural market

18. Establishment and management of community, commitment, partnership and private forest,

19. Commercial cultivation and processing of cash crops (such as sugarcane, cotton, hemp, sajivan, sweet sorghum, stevia revodien, tobacco, jute, cardamom, ginger, saffron, oilseeds and similar spices, pulses, etc.)

20. Cane, bamboo farming and cane bamboo products,

21. Botanical garden establishment and management,

22. Plant breeding business (including tissue culture),

23. Seed processing,

24. Based on other non-timber forest products.