Rita Bogati, Sindhuli

7/20/2018 Rita Bpgati

Rita Bogati is well-known figure in Sindhuli, Province 3 Nepal. She is40years old, active member of National Micro Entrepreneurs' Federation Nepal (NMEFEN) leads provincial Micro-Entrepreneurs' Group Association (DMEGA) in Sindhuli. She has garment f

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Micro Entrepreneur of Darchula

7/20/2018 Puja Tankari

A carpet-making enterprise started by 25 women in Darchula supported by UNDP has proven their ticket to improved livelihoods, strengthened confidence and the preservation of an age-old craft Darchula in Nepal’s far west boasts a rich tradition in woo

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Muna Odh Successful Micro Enterpreneur

7/20/2018 Muna Odh

Starting an enterprise has not only given MunaOdh a lifeline out of poverty, but also hardened her resolve to help others from the Dalit community in her area break free of the rigid hold of the caste system MunaOdh was determined to not let the long

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