Service Based Enterprise

Service based enterprise are based on the service provided to the customer. Some of the service based enterprises are listed as follows:

1. Printing and printing services,

2. Professional research and development, management, engineering and design, legal, accounting, auditing, teaching training, educational and technical consulting services,

3. Ginning and baling business,

4. Filmmaking business,

5. Exhibition service,

6. Cultural and recreational occupations,

7. Construction business,

8. Public transport business,

9. Photography,

10. Hospital,

11. Nursing home,

12. Educational & Training Institution,

13. Library, archives and museum services,

14. Laboratory,

15. Air transport service,

16. Sports services,

17. Cold storage operations (non-agricultural),

18. House wiring, electrical fittings and maintenance,

19. Garbage collection and sanitation, garbage recycling,

20. Business of buying and selling land and developing land,

21. Rental, maintenance and operation of heavy equipment related to construction,

22. Veterinary services,

23. Battery recharging,

24. Health testing (services such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound) and health testing laboratory,

25. Operating existing infrastructures (Eg. assembly building, drinking water supply, fuel and fuel gas supply pipeline, warehouse and storage, airport, bus park, stadium, sports complex, ropeway, road, irrigation, power transmission, power house, railway service, Operating cargo complex, inland clearance depot (ICD) etc.) businesses,

26. Food grinding, grinding, peeling and packing work,

27. Textile and yarn dyeing, sizing and textile printing (except for the textile industry for its own purposes),

28. Cargo business,

29. Packaging, refilling service (including LPG gas refilling and vehicle gas refilling stations)

30. Courier service,

31. Dry cleaning business,

32. Beauty parlor,

33. Interior decoration,

34. Business providing security services,

35. Publishing services,

36. Advertising service,

37. Advertising content creation services,

38. News communication service,

39. Production and broadcasting of television programs and documentary telefilms,

40. Swill testing services,

41. Health Club,

42. Water transportation and distribution services,

43. Zoological park operations,

44. Geological Park Operations,

45. Business Inclusion Service,

46. Business complex operations,

47. Foreign Employment Service

48. Biotech Park,

49. Cinema hall,

50. Multiplex theater,

51. Sewing knitting,

52. Mineral studies and research,

53. Research and development services