Construction Based Enterprise

Construction Based Enterprise

There are many types of construction based industries that build and operate physical infrastructure.

1. Roads, bridges, tunnels,

2. Ropeway, railway, tram, trolleybus, cable car, monorail and sliding car,

3. Runways - Airports,

4. Industrial Structure and Infrastructure Complex,

5. Assembly Conference Center,

6. Sewerage,

7. Drinking water supply and distribution,

8. Irrigation infrastructure,

9. Sports house, stadium,

10. Car parking lot, parking house,

11. Export processing sector,

12. Special Economic Zones,

13. Cargo complex,

14. Contaminated Water Treatment Plant,

15. Telephone tower, optical fiber network, ground satellite, ground satellite broadcasting center,

16. House and residence building,

17. Film city production, film studio production,

18. Business Complex.

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