How MEDPA help to alleviate poverty of Nepal?

MEDPA is the government programme under the ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies with the objective of poverty alleviation in Nepal through the micro enterprise development and employment generation. MEDPA mobilizes Micro Enterprise Development Service Providers (MEDSPs) through the outsourcing from private sectors. The enterprise development facilitators (EDF) are the pillar of this programme who provide MED services in the beneficiary’s level.

How to get a benefit from MEDPA?

District Enterprise Development Committee (DEDC) will select the local governments then local level enterprise development committee will select and finalize the settlement level as per the criteria set in MEDPA guidelines. The selection process of beneficiaries is through the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and household survey method, conducted by MEDSPs at community level with the support of Enterprise Development Facilitators (EDFs). If the interested beneficiaries are under the below national poverty line as well as eligible for the enterprise development, s/he will be considered as MEDPA beneficiary and able to get the MED services.

Does MEDPA cover my city/village?

Yes, MEDPA covers all 77 districts and 753 Local Governments. Under your district, District Cottage and Small Industry Office (DCSIO) will contract with MEDSPs to implement MEDPA for all MEDPA implemented local levels, you can contact DCSIO for detail information. Similarly, at the local level, industry related section/unit is the focal point of MEDPA, you can get the information through local government as well.