Employment Plan with budget of 2.27 billon for MEDPA

The government has prepared a report with a plan to provide employment to those returning from foreign employment. The task force formed under the coordination of Pushpa Raj Shahi, Chief of Industrial Investment and Promotion Division of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, has planned employment with immediate, medium and long term goals.

The study report prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labor, Finance and Federal Affairs and General Administration and representatives from the private sector has been submitted to Minister for Industry Lekhraj Bhatt. The report states that the agricultural sector is the best for immediate job creation.

With the spread of COVID-19 all over the world, the employment of many Nepalis living abroad is in crisis. According to government figures, about 1.5 million Nepalis are in foreign employment with labor permits. Besides, there are about 4.5 million Nepalese in countries including India.

The government is saying that four lakh workers can return to Nepal immediately because of Corona. Aiming at that, the government has prepared a study with employment plan. The study report states that 80,000 people can be provided employment through Micro-Enterprise Development Program for Poverty Alleviation (MEDPA). A budget of Rs 2.27 billion is required for this. It is also said that small and medium enterprises can be upgraded for more productive employment.

Source: ekantipur.com